SBL Financial Presents: Finance At The Coalface

We are pleased to announce our new Webinar: Finance at the Coalface. This is a must-do seminar for anybody looking to get into the property market or looking to do the property courses. We will be covering everything you need to know in the current market in relation to a variety of subjects such as: Buy-To-Let, HMO, Holiday Lets, AirBnB, Off Plan Purchases, Secured Loans and Capital Raising, Commercial and Semi-Commercial, Along with Bridging.

This seminar will also include a Q&A session as well as a debrief email.

One of the key features of this seminar is to manage your expectations so that you choose the right courses and right projects based on your financial ability. This is in no way to deter you from doing certain courses or certain projects, however it may be that some of these courses or projects are more suitable at this current time for you than others due to affordability.

Please see below for more information on these Webinars and information on how you can secure a place and press THE BIG RED BUTTON!

Upcoming Webinar Dates

  • Saturday – 17th February 2024 – NEXT
  • Saturday – 24th February 2024
  • Saturday – 2nd March 2024
  • Saturday – 9th March 2024


*More Dates Coming Soon*