Our Typical Client

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Am I the type of client who should be speaking to you?

I have been told I cannot get a mortgage or remortgage, due to my circumstances. With so many brokers and companies to choose from, why should I use and trust you?

Well the answer is this… 

  • We are regulated and authorised, by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • We have 15 years experience, helping people like you 
  • We can supply contact details of people we have helped in the past 
  • We are linked with professional solicitors and accountants, who can also be contacted if required 
  • You can find us on linked in and facebook

So, if you answer yes to any of the statements below you need to speak to us:

  • I am embarrassed about my situation and don’t want to discuss it with people I know or have previously used 
  • I don’t want a hard sell 
  • I am self-employed and only have 1 years accounts 
  • I have had a legal dispute and need to raise funds 
  • I have been declined by my bank
  • I have a low credit score
  • I have had a default or CCJ 
  • I have previously had an IVA or been bankrupt 
  • Debt Management Plan
  • I need to raise funds for a buy-to-let 
  • I have credit card debt and want to control my finances 
  • Due to my job I cannot deal with my bank and need an out of hours appointment 
  • I have complex income or income from several sources 
  • I don’t understand my credit file 
  • I am divorced and need help with paperwork – I find the whole process daunting as my ex-partner used to do this sort of thing 

The list above is not exhaustive but just a sample of the type of clients that we can help. 

Get in touch today via our enquiry form or call us for an informal chat . 

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