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Rejected by the high street or your bank?
Don’t panic - you still have options.

Commercial Finance

A commercial property is defined as a property where the occupants are a business rather than an individual, such as shops, warehouses and offices.

The property can be just a commercial premise, or it may be of ‘mixed use’ or ‘semi-commercial’, by including a residential element on its legal title. These can include a, residential dwelling above or an adjacent to the commercial dwelling. 

We love doing commercial property and have a large selection of lenders from not only the high street, but specialist lenders too, specifically tailored to working with brokers and professionals. We can look at a full commercial business or part and part:

  • Example 1 – a flat above a shop
  • Example 2 – quirky or adjacent to a public house or petrol station .

Whatever your commercial enquiry is, and no matter how quirky, drop us a line as I’m sure we would have a lender who could look at it for us. 

Development Finance

This can be for a plot of land or ground up developments.

As with commercial lending, we have a range of development lenders who, are high street and non high street and just because you may have been rejected by your bank or existing lender, it doesn’t mean your development has hit the skids.

For smaller developers, we can do site visits and help with your paperwork, presentation and business plan as well as explain what the lenders are looking for.

Basically, if a lender can’t understand it = they don’t like it = reject application and it can sometimes be as simple as the presentation.

If you require development finance, we can help you access a diverse panel of lenders to obtain the most favourable terms to, meet your circumstances and requirements.

In addition to finance for the development of residential properties, we can provide development finance for commercial properties. It can be for a plot of land or developing an existing property.

Business Loans

If you own a business and require funding, we can help you to access finance for your business, even if you do not have a property for the funds to be secured against. This is because we have access to lenders who, can offer unsecured loans for business purposes

Here’s just a selection of the bridging and commercial companies that we have access to:

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