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People Ask Us Why Our Logo is the Ram and Why He is Going Uphill?

That’s a good question.

We spent ages looking for a logo, (it is my cousin’s fault he is a designer!) and when I was showing him designs, he would say they were bad, they’re not working or I just don’t like that! He even commented, that the last logo I showed him looked like a coffee stain! Well that was fighting talk… I wasn’t going to have a coffee stain as my logo.

He asked me, what we were trying to say, or symbolise? And from here, the RAM was born. It encapsulates what we strive to do, and how we regularly tread where others will not go. We never give up and so in many respects, the following information is just like the mortgage industry:


High upon the rocky edges and sheer cliffs of the mountains, hidden in plain view, he proudly stands, alas this is the home of the ram. He leaps and bounds effortlessly among the treacherous terrain, going boldly where others fear to tread. His bellowing calls proclaim his confidence. Ram makes his conquest known, as he holds his head up, proudly and fiercely, in victory, he wears his majestic horns like a crown.

Over the ages, many cultures have viewed the ram as a symbol of leadership, determination, action and initiative. Indeed, the ram is the astrological symbol of Aries. This zodiac sign stands for rulership, that appears at the beginning of the zodiac spectrum. This further lends credence to the ram’s association with authority and leadership. When the ram spirit animal makes an appearance in your life, be ready to express fiery force, virility and favour. Unlike most other sheep that we associate with gentleness and timidity, the ram stands for power and virility.

The ram spirit animal is likely to appear in your life unexpectedly. And it’s important that you understand its meaning in your life, when it does make an appearance.


So, When Do You Need the Ram?

I could not have said it better myself.

On that note, however, we just thought it was a cool logo and remember you could have had a coffee stain!

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