18th floor of 100 bishopsgate

As most of our clients are in London, we felt it was about time we had a proper place for our clients to meet us in the city. We are pleased to announce our new home on the 18th floor of 100 Bishopsgate .

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The opening of our new London Office

We could not be happier with our new central location, relaxing environment, and spectacular views of the city. Zia Rehman and Sean Bowling will be based out in this office; available for face to face meetings and appointments in the city.

A picture of the view from 100 Bishopsgate

London and Hampshire

Being based in 100 Bishopsgate means we can now offer a better service to our clients in London. We are getting more and more requests for face to face meetings coming out of lockdown and although everything can be done over the phone or on email many of our clients still like to meet us face to face. Choosing this venue means not only do we have a fantastic location but we are able to offer a premium setting for meetings with our clients. 

To get in contact with the London team

Tel: 02394005423, 02394 005420

Email: enquiries@sblfinancial.co.uk, zia@sblfinancial.co.uk or sean@sblfinancial.co.uk.