Do you need a specialist mortgage advisor?

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Specialist Mortgage Advisor

You Need to Know What Type of Advisor You Need

Every client needs to understand what type of advisor you need and when speaking to the advisor find out what he can offer.  For some people, a high street advisor may be suitable and adequate for their requirements, as they only need a little assistance in processing an application for a high street bank. 

However other people may need a specialist mortgage advisor due to being rejected by the high street, and their existing broker not having access to specialist lenders or the specialist knowledge to assist with your requirements. If this is the case, you need to find a specialist mortgage advisor who understands complex cases and has access to specialist lenders and the ability and understanding to help these types of clients.

Sbl Financial is a Specialist Mortgage Advisor  

We have access to a large selection of high street lenders and specialist firms and have over 155+ to choose from, which means we have typically more options than your normal residential broker and specialize in more complex cases and situations.

What is The Process in Understanding What We Need?

  • We will do an in-depth fact find surrounding your whole circumstances.
  • A full analysis of your credit file and any issue identified with it.
  • A review of all supporting documentation

Why sbl Financial

Expert advice, maximum choice, market leading service

Access to over 150 lenders means a solution for most people

Experienced team able to offer out of the box thinking

Email and online service

Face-to-face and out of hours appointments

Being a specialist mortgage advisor

Mortgages and loans for all types of scenario and requirements, we have access to many products and solutions for the following situations please see a list below of a sample of what we can offer as a specialist mortgage advisor.

Buy to Let


Second charge secured loans

With more and more people not fitting the high street banks criteria and having more complex situations to sort out. It has never been more important to find a specialist mortgage advisor and here at sbl financial we are waiting to help you and show you what solutions we can offer.