Adverse Credit

Adverse Credit Mortgages.

We are a team of fully regulated adverse credit and specialist lending brokers with over 170+ lenders to choose from. We are able to do adverse credit lending on residential, buy-to-let, HMO, bridging, and second-charged secured loans.

What Is Adverse Credit?

People are classed as having adverse credit when they have finance/ mortgage arrears, late payments, CCJ, defaults, or have previously been bankrupt.

How Do I Know If I Have Adverse Credit?

Every lender does credit checks on its clients and uses credit checking companies to search on them which can be Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, and possibly others. This will then give them a credit profile on its applicants and form its decisions on whether to lend to the client or what loan to value it will go to and what rate it will cascade the client to.

How Can I Find Out What My Credit Rating Is?

You will need to get an Equifax or Experian, preferably a full report. We can then not only see your score but also your credit conduct and dig into your payment profiles. You may also have used some other free versions online. However, these typically aren’t suitable and do not pull through all the required information.

I Have My Credit Report But Don’t Understand It.

Don’t worry, we specialise in credit reports and will work with you, so; you can also understand your credit report, identify any issues or slips, and find a suitable lender.

I went to another broker who said they specialise in adverse credit and said they couldn’t help me, so how can you?

All brokers are different. Hence, some will have access to different lenders than others. We typically have access to more lenders than many other high street firms and do adverse credit and specialise credit day in and day out, not only the odd cases. Therefore, you typically have a better understanding of adverse credit profiles and know which lenders to match them to. The devil is in the detail and if you get your basics right you will have a greater chance of success.